KHS students perform at All-Region Concert


Almost show time • KHS All-Region students take a photo before their concert begins. Pictured is Zachary Witt, Kenneth Exline, Zachary Riggs, Axel Lira, Cason Cox, Shanna Casayuran, Kyleigh Lewis, and Lizett Garcia. Courtesy photo.

Lizett Garcia, Staff Writer

On Saturday, December 4, the TMEA All-Region Orchestra performed their concert. KHS orchestra students who auditioned and qualified for the All-Region Orchestra got to be a part of it.

“I loved being able to meet new people that share the same passion as I do,” freshman Kyleigh Lewis said. “I had so much fun with my friends from my class, and I will always remember this All-Region weekend!”

Students had to attend two required rehearsals, one on December 3rd and the other on December 4th. Both rehearsals took place at Tyler Legacy High School. Students had to spend the majority of both rehearsal days playing their instruments. 

“It was very demanding of the body. Two hours of playing was exhaustive. Having to put my violin on my shoulders for two hours made me sore the next day,” senior Shanna Casayuran said.

Some students also had new experiences with the All-Region concert. Not only was the music more challenging, but it was also played with a full orchestra which includes both string and band instruments. This was the first time some of the students played with a full symphony orchestra.

“My favorite part of the concert was being able to play in a full orchestra, with more than just string instruments. It wasn’t like anything I’d ever experienced before, but I loved every minute of it,” Lewis said.

Because the music was professional level, it was difficult to learn to play. During rehearsals, students had to work on getting the notes and rhythms right. They also had to make sure their part fit in and sounded good while the whole orchestra was playing. 

“Learning the music and being able to play it right was the most challenging part for me,” junior Kenneth Exline said.

Despite the intense rehearsal, the concert went wonderfully. The orchestra played a total of three songs.

“The actual concert was my favorite part because people were finally able to hear our work put together,” Exline said. “The long and exhausting work eventually paid off during the concert.”

At the end of the day, all of the students’ hard work produced a very professional concert that the audience enjoyed.

“My favorite part of the concert was the standing ovation that we received after we finished playing,” Casayuran said. “It was an amazing moment, because hearing all the claps was the payoff we were longing for.”