Orchestra performs Hauntcert


‘Spooktacular’ show • The KHS Philharmonic Orchestra performs their music at the fall concert. Photo by Ashaw Bailey.

Lizett Garcia, Staff Writer

On Wed., Oct. 27 the KHS orchestra held their first concert of the year.

Because the concert took place close to Halloween, the theme was a “Hauntcert”.  Students were given the choice to dress up and wear their Halloween costumes while they performed.

“Most concerts are serious with a strict dress code for musicians. It’s nice to have fun and dress in costume,” orchestra director Sherry Paetznick said.

All four orchestra classes also played spooky and fun music such as “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and “Midnight Howl”.

“My favorite part of the concert was when we played ‘This is Halloween’,” sophomore Ever Sweet said.

Although the KHS orchestra students have played several concerts in the past, some students still felt nervous.

“I was extremely nervous, because I was the concert master, and it was the very first concert of the year,”senior Shanna Casayuran said. “I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of all my fellow instrumentalists and everyone else in the audience, so I was anxious in the beginning. But fortunately, that feeling went away when we played our first piece beautifully; I gained the confidence that we were going to perform our best that night.”

The concert was the result of several weeks of hard work. During their orchestra class period, students would spend the majority of their time practicing their music. Students also had to practice their music on their own time.

“I took my instrument home several times to practice the difficult parts in my music that I was not confident in playing. I was constantly writing on my music, so I had it all prepared before the concert,” Casayuran said.

Overall, the concert was successful. Both the students and the audience enjoyed it.

“Some students from other classes were backstage dancing to the music. That was pretty great,” Paetznick said. “I’m proud of all the classes.”