Student Council Meets


Student Council members gather around as they learn more about other students attending the conference.

Jayden Jones, Junior Editor

On Thursday, October 21, a Student Council meeting was held in the Humanities room at 7:30 am. In the meeting, the students discussed the Fall Festival that will occur on Tuesday, October 26.

“This week’s meeting, we made arrangements for the Fall Festival on Tuesday,” senior Sofia Gomez informs us.

They had a students make commitments to help prepare, work, and clean-up for the Fall Festival!

Student Council reviewed their time at the Fall Conference at Sabine High School, where they learned many team-building exercises and became closer as a group of students. They went on Wednesday, October 20 and plan on going to the conference being held in the spring as well. 

Their T-Shirt fundraiser dues have now been taken up.

They also discussed Red Ribbon week and wanted to remind students about the dress-up days as well as encourage them all to participate in them. 

On “Throwback Monday,” wear a throwback outfit to a previous decade, or even yesterday! On “Tired Tuesday,” wear your favorite pajamas. On “Cap It Wednesday,” everyone can wear your hat of choice, as long as it’s in the school dress code! On “Team Thursday,” support your favorite sports team by wearing their jersey. On “Blackout Friday,” dress in all black to black out drugs!