Criminal Investigations begins the Investigation


Sophomore Maggie Quine poses in the midst of a set up crime scene.

Jayden Jones, Junior Editor

The Criminal Investigations classes have recently solved a crime scene placed together by Officer Brown. 

“I wanted to do a murder investigation that the students could get involved with and enjoy doing,” Officer Brown said. 

The crime scene was set in her classroom, where she had been murdered. Officer Brown assigned everyone a job. Some students were witnesses, some were interviewers, others were in charge of evidence, and there was even a photographer and crime scene sketch artist. There was a lead detective that was in charge of delegating jobs to the remaining students. The students responded very well to the crime scene. It allowed their creativeness to shine because of this activity. 

I am assuming they liked it, I didn’t hear any complaints,” Officer Brown said. 

The students in each class had to learn to work together in a more professional setting while following the rules set aside by Officer Brown. There were no disagreements between students, and each job was performed remarkably. Everyone got along amazingly and had an amazing time doing so.

“Watching the students apply what they have learned and work together was my favorite part of the crime scene,” Officer Brown said. 

The students were supposed to follow the routine of the ‘7 S’s’ they had already learned during the past few weeks. Most of them followed the routine excellently and succeeded in the investigation. There were few mistakes made by the students, which were to be expected from the start, that was the reason for the scene – so they could learn from their mistakes and gain more experience. 

“They were to apply the 7 s’s of Criminal investigation and try to solve the crime without the teachers help,” Officer Brown said.

Although each class had done an excellent job, one class stood out to Officer Brown. This class was able to communicate effectively while also getting the job done with little complications. They did the steps necessary in order to solve a real crime scene. 

“They all did very well but I think my 3rd period was more in line with the protocol that they have learned,” Officer Brown said.

The classes absolutely loved this activity Officer Brown planned, and hope to have one similar to it in the near future.