Zachary Riggs

September Student of the Month


Carlos Ortiz, Staff Writer

The September Student of the Month is Senior Zachary Riggs. He is an Orchestra officer, FFA officer, in National Honor Society, and an honor roll student for the past three years.

“I believe that my willingness to learn is my best trait because without it , I wouldn’t know how to do many things I’ve learned over the years,” Zachary said.

The FFA (Future Farmers of America) is an organization to get young people involved with agriculture. They have partnered with schools across the country and are getting millions of students opportunities to be one with agriculture, including some KHS students like Zachary Riggs.

“I have grown as a person and as a leader by being involved in FFA,” Zachary Riggs said. “I have learned more about my career choice and how I can achieve it.”

Zachary Riggs plans to major in Animal Science, a four-year Bachelor degree, and to be a veterinarian, an eight-year school, as his first career choice. His preferred college is Texas A&M University in College Station.

“It’s been the only college I grew up knowing about and my grandpa went there so I wanted to also,” Zachary Riggs said. “They are the best in Texas for the job I want.”

Mrs. Tucker is currently the Humanities English teacher and the co-sponsor for Student Council. In past years, she has taught AP English 3.

“Mrs. Tucker has been the best teacher I have ever had,” Zachary Riggs said. “Not because of her subject but because of how caring she is. She actually cares about her students which is hard to find in current teachers. Her class’s atmosphere and how she treats her students.”

Zachary Riggs attends First Baptist church of Kilgore and plays bass in their worship band.

“My church is my favorite out of school activity because it fosters such a good environment for growth and friendship,” Zachary Riggs said. “I have made bonds there that will never be broken.”

Every year, the Liberty City Park is decorated with thousands of lights for Christmas every year for the entire community to visit.

“My favorite community service is working at the Liberty City Park, putting up the Christmas lights and decorations,” Zachary Riggs said. “I get to see the community enjoy my work and make all of the little kids happy.”

According to Zachary Riggs, staying in the top 10,  finding time for his school activities like being an FFA officer, taking care of his heifer while handling life happening was his biggest accomplishment during his four years in high school.

“Taking that so-called ‘next step’ is my fear about graduating,” Zachary Riggs said. “I finally became comfortable in high school and now I have to change again.”

Zachary Riggs likes to go to his heifer, Daisy Mae, when he is feeling down. The most influential person in his life is his grandfather.

“He strives to push me into the right direction and is always there to help when I fall short,” Zachary Riggs said.

Zachary Riggs chooses Senior Riley Rios as his best friend since they both want to go to Aggieland, an annual open house for students and their families at A&M.

“Going to the many trips with FFA is my most memorable memory from high school,” Zachary Riggs said. “For instance, the Houston Rodeo when I went to the calf scramble. It’s an event where there are 30 kids and 15 calves released into a rodeo arena and then those kids have to  catch and take one of the calves in a circle. Whoever does that wins money to buy their own calf to raise and show.”