Students share MCU excitement


Junior Sara Buchanan beams radiantly while sporting a ‘Period Table of Heroes’ Marvel shirt.

Rachel Niemeyer , Junior Editor

It seems as though every time we open our phones or laptops or turn on our TVs, we see yet another advertisement for a product of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Some recent titles people may recognize include Black Widow, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, as well as Disney+ original series like Loki, WandaVision, What If?, and Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Marvel is one big story line that is constantly developing as new movies and shows are released. At the end of the recent series Loki, the audience is left on an exciting cliffhanger. Fans are expecting their questions to be answered in one of the most highly-anticipated films of 2022: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

“I’m excited for Multiverse of Madness because the concept of the MCU having a multiverse entices me,” junior Sara Buchanan said.

So many students are excited about where the franchise is headed and upcoming projects.

“I am mostly excited for the upcoming movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home,” senior Jonathan Reed said. “This movie comes out Dec. 17 and the current trailer looks awesome. They are bringing back old characters from older Spider-Man movies, and Spider-Man is, in general, one of my favorite characters.”

Many are drawn to Marvel for a number of reasons. Several admire the action, world of fantasy, and emotion that is brought to the screen (the cast isn’t too hard on the eyes, either). Others are really invested in the characters and their backstories.

“My favorite character would be either Wanda or Loki because I relate to them a lot,” Buchanan said. “I think Wanda has the best superpower. As far as I’m concerned, she’s the strongest character in the MCU.”

Nearly everyone has a favorite character. Marvel has such a diverse cast that it’s really difficult to not find yourself being drawn to one of them.

“My favorite Marvel character is Bucky Barnes, or more famously known as the Winter Soldier,” junior Addi Wood said. “Ever since Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I’ve thought Bucky was the coolest character ever. He’s super strong like Steve (and hot), plus he has a metal arm. There’s literally nothing cooler than a metal arm.”

An avenue of controversy between fans is the debate of the most powerful hero or villain. When it comes to the strongest characters, there are a lot of toss-ups. Each character has his or her own abilities, or if you’re Tony Stark, you’re just a rich genius. Is it really fair to compare Iron Man’s multi-million dollar gadgets to Thanos wielding all six infinity stones? Or even Spider-Man’s acute senses to Hawkeye’s arrow precision?

After the ending of the recent Disney+ show WandaVision, a majority of viewers came to the conclusion that the Scarlet Witch, who also uses the alias Wanda Maximoff, is the strongest character in the MCU. She is from the fictional country Sokovia and was born with the abilities of telekinesis and energy manipulation. The comic book series House of M goes even deeper into her abilities, explaining that she can read minds and even give people waking nightmares.

“There was a book in House of M where Scarlet Witch simply uttered ‘no more mutants’ then nearly all mutants lost their powers,” sophomore Malachi Strachan said. “Her ability to alter reality is unparalleled.”

Iron Man was the first Marvel movie to hit the big screens in 2008. It made nearly $600 million dollars at the box office and really set the Marvel craze in motion. Students remember this movie and just how impactful it was. It was groundbreaking and incomparable to most action movies at the time.

“The first movie I watched was Iron Man,” Reed said. “It was the first movie that started the huge fan base Marvel still has to this day.”

After the heart-breaking death of Marvel creator Stan Lee, many long-time fans were crushed as they thought it was the end of Marvel. However, directors like Anthony and Joseph Russo, Cate Shortland, Jon Favreau, and more are continuing to honor him and his legacy

Marvel has been around since the 40s and 50s. A lot of kids grew up watching movies or reading comics with relatives.

For most, Marvel is the root of cherished memories and good times.