2021 GRAMMY’s

The Show Must Go On, So It Did!


Sophomore Sara Buchanan crosses her fingers for Album of the Year winner Taylor Swift.

On March 14, the world got to see the Grammy Awards like never before. Watching chart-topping, talented artists like Harry Styles, Silk Sonic, Taylor Swift, BTS, Billie Eilish, Post Malone, and more perform was highly anticipated by many fans.

The event this year was limited due to the pandemic, but adaptations were made to ensure the best show possible. Without an audience, this year’s award show was brand new territory for everybody involved. 

Awards were revealed and presented in an outside area where all nominees and guests wore masks and were spaced out so as to abide by social distancing and COVID-19 guidelines. Some participants got creative and matched their masks with their special ensembles. Taylor Swift was spotted sporting a gorgeous floral mask to coordinate with her handmade, embroidered wildflower dress. 

I’ve always enjoyed the GRAMMY’s for the extravagance of it all. The sets, performances, the fashion, and of course the nail-biting moments leading to the anticipated “and the GRAMMY goes to…”

Host Trevor Noah made sure the whole operation ran smoothly. From introducing opening act Harry Styles to closing out the show, he kept everyone in attendance, in-person or at home, laughing and entertained. 

Even if someone feels that their favorite artist was “snubbed” out of an award, I feel as though they can be assured that the award was given to an artist that is just as deserving. 

2019-2021 was such a difficult rough patch for most in the music industry whether solo or part of a group. Having to put out music in a pandemic is something that current artists most likely never thought they would have to do. Seeing singers still entertaining, performing, and persisting despite challenges makes me all the more thankful and an admirer of their craft and talent.