Obsessions: Tasty Side of TikTok

Jayden Jones, Staff Writer

TikTok shares what seems like never-ending content regularly to its users daily. Because of these perpetual videos, there are many sides of TikTok anyone could end up on. One of those sides would be Food TikTok.

Food TikTok is a trending hashtag that now has over 10.2 billion views. There are many different ethnic foods shown from places all over the world. They have vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, paleo…you name it, they have it.

On Food TikTok, content creators could walk you through how to make a specific dish from start to finish, tell you the basics of a recipe, tell you the history of different dishes, review someone’s cooking, or do an ASMR like video of them chopping and displaying their culinary talents.

There is a specific pasta recipe that’s recently blown up on TikTok, the baked feta pasta. In this pasta, you would need tomatoes, feta cheese, pasta, as well as olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic, basil, and any other preferable seasonings. If you don’t like any of the seasonings, this recipe is so versatile you can substitute whatever you’d like. You could even spice it up a bit and add some red pepper flakes or roasted garlic.

Taking an oven safe baking dish, you put the tomatoes, olive oil, salt, and pepper and mix until the tomatoes are covered completely with the oil.

After that, you want to add the block of feta cheese to the center and add a little bit more oil to the cheese. Place the dish into the oven and bake at 400 until the tomatoes burst.

While that’s baking, boil your pasta noodles of choice. Once out of the oven, add in the other herbs and seasonings like garlic and basil and mix all around the pan, being sure to smash the tomatoes even further. Add the noodles after you’re comfortable with the sauce created and mix evenly.

That’s all it takes to make the baked feta pasta!

There are even celebrities on food TikTok. One of the chefs, known for his reaction videos on the app, is none other than Gordon Ramsey.

One of the many honors of being on TikTok is having the ability to be roasted by Gordon Ramsey. He often watches a video he was tagged in by either his followers or the creator, and critiques them on how they cook their meal or treat. He’s rather harsh, as everyone’s seen on the many shows he’s on, and there are few times when he is actually pleased with the outcome.

There are cheese and charcuterie boards that people often make to show people what they would like to put together on the board. They are normally a combination of cheese, cured meats, nuts, jams, sauces, bread, crackers, olives, and dried fruits, often tried to be put in an aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

People use charcuterie boards for parties, small gatherings, sleepovers, for a fun date, or even just to enjoy by yourself.

People of different cultures often go onto this app in order to express their differences and show the world what their culture’s cuisine is truly about. They often do an voiceover of what the dish would mean to them, especially if it was a family recipe. Sometimes they would tell their struggle with accepting who they were and what their culture is.

There are even a few mothers on TikTok that use their platform to help other moms make simple, quick, and easy meals with what they have at the house. They call their cooking ‘lawless cooking,’ or cooking without any rules.

They create recipes that anybody could use because you’re able to substitute whatever you want with what you have at the house. It’s not only entertaining, but also very practical.

Most everyone enjoys food on a daily basis, whether it be made by your mom, sibling, or significant other.

These videos on TikTok give you a quick video to help you or someone else with their culinary journey.

If you aren’t interested in learning new recipes or learning about a new culture, then at least you have the legendary Gordon Ramsey to entertain you on this side of TikTok.