Plans are not everything


Payton Berger

Senior A’viana McIntyre chooses happiness over worry.

Payton Berger, Sports Editor

If I learned anything last year it’s that you can’t always rely on plans to go through. I had goals and plans for months into 2020, and almost every single one of them fell through. Seeing all these plans fail was tough, and it put me in a negative place overall.

Not getting a true end to my junior year or the perfect start to my senior year hurt. It was such an emotionally draining year, and at times I found myself being downright frustrated. However, it is a new year, and I’m hoping to change my mindset in a positive way.

In all reality, I’m not even slightly sure what 2021 has in store for me. Of course I plan to graduate and start my first year of college, but at the same time those things aren’t even certain after last year. There are things I’m looking forward to like prom and senior breakfast, but at the same time there’s always a thought in my head that these plans won’t go through. It’s hard for me to imagine a prom with masks and social distancing, but at this rate there’s no other way for the event to happen. 

Something I’m trying to get through my head is that the unknown isn’t always bad. Not having a set plan isn’t bad either. I can’t recommend going through every situation with an “it is what it is” mentality is the best plan, but in certain situations it’s not a negative mindset to have. I can’t make myself sick with nervousness over the future anymore, for it’s simply not healthy. 

Another thing I’ve learned is almost no one has this life thing figured out. I would always look at adults and wonder how they achieved such levels of security, but after working with them and being more involved in adult conversations I’ve learned they’re just as confused as us teenagers. Some people are just better at putting up fronts than others. Even if someone does have their life perfectly planned out, there’s no doubt that the pandemic has messed up these plans in some way. It’s important not to compare yourself to others, for many people don’t portray themselves in their truest forms. 

This second semester is a stressful time for everyone. Dual credit classes are picking back up, college applications are due soon, teachers are trying to prepare students for the STAAR tests, and sports and academics are starting. It’s incredibly hard to balance all of these activities while maintaining a social life and staying safe during a pandemic. It can be overwhelming to think of all of these responsibilities as a whole. It helps me to divide my work up into smaller tasks. If I can accomplish one thing a day, I’m actually working at a pretty good pace. 

There’s no actual solution to make this year better than the last, but that’s okay. There’s always unknown in the world, and the pandemic just added to the uncertainty of it all. However, people are most likely willing to be more compassionate in these times. We are all just trying to get by, so not knowing exactly what you want to do is not the end of the world. My hope for this year is that we appreciate the time we’ve been given more and that we finally allow ourselves to breathe and be okay with the unknown.