Blast in Bible Class

Here at KHS, there is an offered Bible class that is taught by Mr. Carl Mohn. The class is available to all students with room in their schedule to take it. In the class, they work their way through the Bible chronologically, dividing the bible into the New and Old Testaments for each semester.

One of the students taking said class is none other than senior Rachel Bowman. She has wanted to take the class ever since she saw it was an option, but obstacles in her schedule kept getting in the way.

Freshman year I didn’t have space, sophomore year it was during my humanities period,” Rachel said. “I finally took it junior year but because the class was so small, it was more of a lecture class than discussion. When I heard Mr. Mohn was teaching it, I had to give it another shot.” 

Mr. Mohn has taught the class before but reluctantly had to drop it because of how busy his schedule has been. He was relieved when he heard he would be able to begin teaching the class again, as was the rest of the class. 

Being in the Bible class, there are a lot of things discussed. From talking about what happened before anything existed, the end times, or even politics, Mr. Mohn tries, and succeeds, in covering as much as possible.

“It isn’t strictly learning about the Bible, it’s also discussing current events from a Biblical standpoint,” Rachel said. “Mr. Mohn is a genuinely good person and teacher that knows the Bible well, and I can trust that the way he teaches it and his interpretation of it is valuable.”

When talking about the Bible in one school year, there is plenty to do in such a short period of time. Mr. Mohn has learned how to manage his time wisely in what students learn during the period, and seems to do it well according to how well the students enjoy the class.

The students learn lessons and talk about things within the period that would make them think and question their standpoints on certain topics, something Mr. Mohn has mastered in his time teaching. 

Looking at the Bible alone, it seems very frightening to try to digest, but everyone enjoys how easy Mohn makes it to break down the bible for them to read. Ultimately, reading the Bible changes how you view things and your day as a whole, so when you know how to read it and know what your reading means everything is much easier to understand.

“When you know what’s in the Bible it’s easier to read it,” Rachel said. “The Bible as a whole looks like a lot to tackle and is intimidating to read, but because we’ve spent two semesters breaking it down, it’ll be easier for me to dive into daily.”

Some things people read will always stay with them. Sometimes when reading something that’s hard to understand, a metaphor given by a certain Mr. Mohn would help in understanding what’s being read. 

“At one point Mr. Mohn made a metaphor about melting and cleaning precious metals and how you have to break something down to see yourself in it, which is what God does with us,” Rachel said. “I will remember that metaphor for the rest of my life. Unless I get dementia. That would suck.” 

One thing is right for sure, nobody would forget the things discussed in Bible class.