December Student of the Month

Addi Wood, Staff writer

Senior Jeffrey Kyle Wheeler is the student of the month for December.

He is a part of NHS and a three-year A honor roll student. He was also a three time style show participant. Kyle is in the top 10% of his class and also does Advanced Co-Ed dance and plays baseball.

“I’m not entirely sure why I got this,” Kyle said. “Maybe I was just on my best behavior and some of the faculty and staff noticed.”

His favorite school activity is baseball off-season. He says it’s an opportunity to bring a group of guys together through struggle and hardship.

“Nothing is ever given to you,” Kyle said. “You just have to go out every day with hopes of making strides as a person.”

Kyle says he’s learned the most in his government class, but world health research and baseball off-season are the classes he will miss the most.

“My biggest challenge this year was probably just the balancing of social life and academics. It’s nice to have both of those aspects be great but difficult to maintain at a high level,” Wheeler said.

The most influential person in his life are his parents. He also admires Mr. Galvan and Mrs. Nash. Kyle says that both have kind hearts and a lot of admirable qualities.

“Awards like these, going to state sophomore year, and some of the friendships I have built over the past few years are what I am most proud of here at Kilgore High School,” Wheeler said.

Kyle says that when life brings him down, he tries to wake up the next day with the mindset of making everything better.

“I don’t have a particular favorite community involvement or community service,” Kyle said. “I just like being able to help someone when they ask me to.”

Kyle enjoys hanging out with friends during the school year and during the summer, he likes to focus on weight lifting.

“I’m not really a single best friend type of guy,” Kyle said. “I have a lot of good friends with all sorts of different backgrounds, and I would like to keep it that way.”

Kyle says that weightlifting puts him in a relative frame of mind.  He likes that he can go in and make goals every day. It’s an opportunity for him to change himself, he says.

“I applied to Texas A&M because of the great alumni,” Kyle said, “as well as the beautiful campus.”

Kyle is undecided right now on a major but his general interest is the medical field. He hopes to see himself ten years from now with a nice-paying career and a wife.

“After graduating, I am anxious about growing up and all of the responsibilities that growing up entails,” Kyle said.