November Student of the Month


Kathy McMinn

Senior Alexis Anderson poses in downtown Kilgore.

Carley Dollins, Staff Writer

Senior Alexis M. Anderson was selected as November student of the month. She was Miss Kilgore 2020, a 3-year class favorite, 3-year beauty nominee, a 2-year All-A honor roll student, Academic All-district, and the NHS Treasurer. She also has played on the varsity volleyball, basketball, and softball teams.

After high school she plans to attend TJC for two years and earn her AAS (Associate of Applied Science) through the nursing program and later attend UT Austin for two years and earn her BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

“I have always wanted to be a nurse, even when I was younger,” Alexis said.

She looks forward to working in a hospital one day because she has always admired nurses and their constant willingness and efforts to help people.

“I wish to be one of the best nurses in my hospital one day,” Alexis said.

Her favorite school activity she has been involved in was volleyball.

“Every year that I have played, I experienced the best memories with my teammates and coaches,” Alexis said.

Coach T has had the biggest impact on her throughout high school. Even though she never had her in a class, she coached her since her freshman year.

“A lot of who I am today is because of her, and she has always believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself,” Alexis said.

The teacher that taught her the most during high school was Mrs. Tucker. It was her first AP class, so she had to learn a completely new way of doing things.

“Although this class was difficult, Mrs. Tucker always found a way to make her classes smile and tried her best to keep us entertained and comfortable,” Alexis said

Her favorite memory in a class was anytime she was sitting on Mrs. Tucker’s couch.

“I would recommend you to sit on Mrs. Tucker’s couch at least once before you leave KHS,” Alexis said.

Her biggest accomplishment from her four years at KHS would be never getting a B, a temporary ID, or a tardy.

“It amazes me that I’ve been that consistent for the past four years,” Alexis said.

As far as outside of school, the most influential person in her life is her Nana. She looks up to her and can only dream to be as loving and caring as her one day.

“She is the kindest soul that I know,” Alexis said.

Outside of school she loves to spend time with her friends. Her two closest friends are Jaiden Thompson and Miah Thomas.

“These girls mean the world to me and they bring me so much happiness, confidence, loyalty and love, and I truly do not know what I would do without them in my life,” Alexis said.

Also over the summer she was a part of the Black Lives Matter rallies taking place in Longview.

“Being a part of something that brings complete strangers together, such as these rallies, was so moving and heartwarming,” Alexis said.

What she fears most about graduating would be having to go to an unknown place, such as a college, and know absolutely no one.

“It is intimidating and a little sad for me to think about and I hope I can make friends quickly at TJC,” Alexis said.

Her most memorable moment out of her high school experience was last year’s football game against Pine Tree.

“I had such a fun time at that game, and it was fun watching my team play my old school and come out with a win,” Alexis said.

Her proudest moment during her years at KHS has been seeing how much the class of 2021 has grown.

“It has been bittersweet watching my friends and classmates grow up and take these next steps in their lives, and I am beyond proud of all of them and how far we have all come,” Alexis said.

Although she had a great time in high school she is very excited to see what the future holds for her in her college years.