Definitely Darling Decoration Debates

Definitely Darling Decoration Debates

Jayden Jones, Staff Writer

It’s no argument that the holiday season is jam packed with different celebrations. There are three major holidays during the ‘holiday season’, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There is one debate that’s been discussed year after year revolving around these celebrations. When is the right time to decorate for Christmas?

This question causes many arguments among today’s youth and adults. People just can’t agree on when the correct time to decorate would be since there are so many options to choose from. Some would say right after Halloween, or they might argue after Thanksgiving has had its time to shine. Others might note it’s only appropriate to begin the festive decor out once December hits.

Christmas is the most popular holiday in America and brings a certain happiness and feeling to those who are able to celebrate it. It’s the time you get an excuse to spend with your closest friends and family, so naturally many people use this time to their own benefit.

Sophomore Jayci Pyle specifically enjoys Christmas time the most out of the entire year for this exact reason.

“Thanksgiving is just preparation for Christmas, so it’s basically Christmas time from November through December 25,” Pyle said. “The Christmas vibe makes me happy, so I want to keep it around as long as possible.”

Jayci relishes in embracing the holiday spirit for as long as she can. After all, Christmas time is so popular and exciting, one might as well take as much time to celebrate it as possible.

Not to mention the plethora of decoration options to use for this joyous occasion.

While the decorations for Christmas are delightful, freshman Hailey Posey thinks that the decor for Thanksgiving is some to also take the time to enjoy.

“I honestly think that the perfect time for decorating is sometime after Thanksgiving,” Posey said. “It gives you some time to enjoy all of the beautiful decorations for a whole month and not just a couple of weeks.”

Posey enjoys allowing each holiday to have its moment since each holiday is there for its own reason.

Thanksgiving is there to allow us to really share our blessings with others and tell others how thankful we are for what we are able to have, so it’s important to celebrate it in its own time.

Another reason why some would think to decorate after Thanksgiving would be none other than Black Friday.

Junior Zachary Riggs thinks this is the perfect time to get your decorations prepped, up, and ready to shine.

“After Thanksgiving, normally Black Friday is a safe bet because that gives time for Thanksgiving and keeps people away from the stores where they get things that aren’t needed,” Riggs said.

Everyone knows how cute the Christmas decor can be, but along with that cuteness comes a price. That price can be rather expensive, and many families aren’t able to spend much on both decorations and gifts for this winter holiday.

Not only does this reason allow Thanksgiving to shine, but you would also be able to get your favorite decor on sale for cheaper than you would think. This time would be a win-win situation for all.

Christmas time is sometimes the most important to so many people that they tend to overlook the time of Thanksgiving. While people argue that the festive season overshadows the time of thanks in a disrespectful manner, holidays are holidays.

Everyone has his or her own priorities and views of what and why they celebrate what they do, so why not just allow them to celebrate however they see fit?

People will always have their own opinions and views of holidays and decorations. One could say it’s pointless to try to change their minds on this ridiculously controversial topic.

So, decorate during the week before Christmas, as soon as the leaves begin falling, while eating your Halloween candy, or right after you put the turkey leftovers in the refrigerator.

Embrace the holiday season in whatever way is the most pleasing.

After all, who cares what others may say about the decorations around the house or in the yard when it’s definitely darling?