Halloween Around the Globe

Jayden Jones, Staff Writer

Halloween is a beloved holiday for many cultures around the world. From Ireland to India to the Philippines, they all have unique traditions they use to acknowledge such a world-renowned celebration. 

Both Ireland and Scotland are known as the place where traditional Halloween customs were born. In today’s age, they sit around a bonfire to play games and eat their cultural foods. One food in particular is called barmbrack, which is an Irish fruitcake that has either coins, buttons, or rings inside. This food is used as a ‘fortune teller’, the coins meaning wealth for the next year, ring meaning marriage or love.

In Mexico they celebrate dia de las muertos, translated to ‘day of the dead’, from November first through the second. They use this time to honor their loved ones who’ve passed away. They do in-home celebrations with slabs for their lost loved ones full of fruit, soda, water, and a special bread known as pan de muerto, ‘bread of the dead’, and many other things.

Poland celebrates in early November. Normally, they would all visit the graves of their loved ones. They bring candles, flowers, and their prayers for the deceased. On the second day, everyone would attend a mass for the souls of the passed.

Nigeria has the Awuru Odo Festival, which is supposed to be the day their lost family members and friends come back to the living. This festival can last up to six months and is celebrated with feasts, masks, and music before the dead return to the world of spirits. While this festival is loved by all who experience it, it’s only celebrated once every two years. 

All around the world, people of the Catholic religion celebrate All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. They use this time to celebrate the saints who have died for their religion, just as they do their lost loved ones. During this time, they visit the graves of their lost ones, same as many other traditions, and visit a mass service. 

Some religions like Jehovah’s Witness and Orthodox Jews don’t celebrate Halloween as it is in conflict with their beliefs. 

Regardless who you are or how you celebrate Halloween, everybody should be able to accept their differences and cultures.