Cowboy game experience


Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott gets ready for the hike.

Ryan Cartwright, Staff Writer

Going to a Dallas Cowboy game, I wouldn’t say, is a once in a lifetime experience, but it is an experience that some people do not get to have. What better way to support your team than to go to a game and see the action in live time, instead of watching it on TV. October 11, I went to the game against the Giants, and unfortunately saw the injury to Dak Prescott live. 

If you plan to go to a game, I have some advice.

So for buying tickets, I think upper deck tickets are not the best to see the game, but if you’re looking to buy cheap tickets then upper deck tickets are the way to go. Walking up the ramps five stories high is not fun, but the view from that height is amazing. You are able to see the whole field and everyone on the field. Even though it looks like all the players are ants, it is very cool. 

Next is the food, and the cost of extra merchandise when at a game. We all know the food and drinks are very expensive to buy. Everything is at least $5, and that is not bad, but it all adds up after buying a few items of food for people. At least when you buy drinks, you get cups and bowls you can keep to use at home. 

Next, let’s talk merch. The hats, jerseys, and other things you can buy to take home are everywhere. When buying jerseys, just know they are very expensive. Hats and t-shirts are not as expensive, so if you are looking for something that you would wear all the time and not just a few times every other month then I would suggest you buy a shirt or hat. 

For the whole in-game experience and watching the teams play live, it is a very fun and interesting experience, especially for kids. Watching the players in real time shows you what really goes on on the field instead of going to commercials every other minute. You get to watch what goes on during the breaks and what people at home do not see. Being able to celebrate with the crowd when the Cowboys score a touchdown or get an interception is so fun. And when it becomes clutch time, the announcer gets the crowd hyped, and they all start chanting and cheering. 

Find your team and get to a game!