Homecoming: COVID Edition


Amy Bates

Backrow Duchesses: Ramiyah Dunn, Mary Bess Mercer, Elizabeth Kimberlin, Brooklyn Hall, Jaycie Villanueva, Makayla Rawls, Milisha Wiley-Timms, Eith Moran Second Row From Top Duchesses: Kayla Whatley, Faith Jones, Olivia Arp, Carmen Vasquez, Idaira Castillo, Grace Vasquez Third Row From Top Duchesses: Ronda Traywick, Courtlyn BRown, Maxine Barrios, Chelsea Pierson, Payton Berger, Rachel Bowman Bottom Row of Princesses: Jaiden Thompson, Alexis Anderson, Miah Thomas, Carter Williams, Skyelar Howell Not Pictured: Duchess Samantha Linkinholker and princesses Christina Rosas, Emma Taylor, Maria Whitaker

Olivia Arp, Editor-In-Chief

This year due to COVID, the traditional homecoming looks a little different. Instead of an overflowing pep rally with people sitting on the floor cheering on their favorite duchess, seniors will be the only ones attending the rally with the rest of the school live-streaming the event. Instead of the stadium stands being full, only 50% of the seats can be filled. Instead of all 29 duchesses and princesses being presented with their escort on the field, only the 8 princesses will be presented. 

Although this year is not the most normal, faculty and staff are doing all they can to make this year’s festivities as normal as possible. 

During the pep rally, each duchess and princess will be announced to the student body along with the club they’re representing. Each girl will receive a homecoming court sash to wear on homecoming and at the game if they so choose. During the football game before presenting the princesses, each duchess’s picture will be placed on the screen and the typical information that is announced at homecoming will be announced. The presentation of the princesses will remain the same as well as the crowning of the homecoming queen. All grade levels are encouraged to dress up during homecoming week per usual to help rally school spirit. 

Despite the unfortunate circumstances that COVID has brought upon this event, 2020 homecoming will be as close to normal as possible. No matter what, this years event will be one to remember. 

The duchesses and their club they represent are as follows:

Brooklyn Hall- AASA

Carmen Vasquez- FHLA

Chelsea Pierson- Baseball

Courtlyn Brown- Golf

Edith Moran- Art

Elizabeth Kimberlin- Band

Faith Jones- Newspaper

Grace Vasquez- Orchestra

Idiara Castillo- Health Science

Jaycie Villanueva- Softball

Kayla Watley- La Bamba

Makayla Rawls- FFA

Mary Bess Mercer- Tennis

Maxine Barrios- VOS

Milisha Wiley-Timms- Choir

Olivia Arp- NHS

Payton Berger- Prom Committee

Rachel Bowman- Theater

Ramiyah Dunn- Track

Ronda Traywick- Shooting Team

Samantha Linkinholker- StuCo

The princesses and their club they represent are as follows:

Alexis Anderson- Volleyball

Carter Williams- Hi-Steppers

Christina Rosas- Cross Country

Emma Taylor- Sports Medicine

Jaiden Thompson- Cheer

Maria Whitaker- Soccer

Miah Thomas- Basketball

Skyelar Howell- Yearbook