Annual Marathon Challenge Held

Cerenity Exline, Staff Writer

The Health Science Club officially kicked off the 2nd annual Marathon Challenge. At last year’s 5K Color Dash, there were lots of participants for the first year. This year, the Health Science Club has grown the event in having a kickoff and opening the event to surrounding areas.
The challenge is for a person to run or walk the distance of a marathon, 26.2 miles, over a 22 week time period while keeping track of it in a logbook.
By completing and turning in a logbook, you earn a free entry into the 5K Color Dash that will be held March 28 in downtown Kilgore.
The idea behind the challenge is to encourage those who live in the Kilgore community and surrounding areas to get fit.
To help keep track of progress made in the challenge, the Health Science Club has a Facebook and Instagram page as well as tagging #GetFitKilgore in each post.
The kickoff was held on October 26 at R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium Track.
While at the kickoff, people were able to walk or run around the track to begin their journey in the Marathon Challenge.
When they were finished for the day, participants were able to get their logbooks and log their progress from the day.
With all who showed up, there were 591 laps walked around the track, equalling 147.75 miles.
Leading up to 5K Color Dash that will be held on March 28, there are multiple smaller events to help participants complete the Marathon Challenge.
For each of the smaller events, the club has a theme and has selected something to collect donations.
The first smaller event was the Puppy Walk held at Meadowbrook Park on November 16. Those who came out were able to walk on the Creekside Trail that ran alongside Meadowbrook Park.
At the Puppy Walk, the Health
Science Club collected donations for the Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center.
Many donations were collected including collars and leashes, Milk Bones, Ziplock Bags, cleaning supplies, and a little bit of cash for the animal center to buy needed supplies.
Combining the distance that each person who came out walked or ran, there was a total of 59.6 miles.
The next smaller event that is planned for those doing the challenge is a Christmas Movie Walk at the Kilgore Middle School Track on December 19.
People are welcome to come out and enjoy a Christmas movie while they walk around the track. While enjoying the movie, there will be hot chocolate and popcorn provided.
The Health Science Club will be taking donations for local Angel Trees. After the Christmas walk on December 19, there will be a stroll through Synergy Park as well as Jack
Stallard’s Birthday Walk.
The stroll through Synergy Park
will be held January 11.
The Jack Stallard Birthday Walk
will be held at the R.E. St. John Memorial Stadium Track on February 29 and March 1. Jack will walk 54 laps for his 54th birthday, and will be collecting donations for the KC food pantry.
Even if you have not been able to come to the kickoff or puppy walk, you are still able to join in on the challenge.
The Health Science Club hopes to continue the Marathon Challenge each year as well as grow the challenge by having more surrounding schools and towns participating.