Choir hosts concert Oct. 1, Middle School joins them


Lesly Amaro.

The treble choir prepares to sing their hearts out.

On Oct. 1 the choir had their annual fall concert in the aditoruim. The students from the middle school also participated in the concert.

For some people this will be one of their last concerts.

“I feel sad that it will be one of my last concerts with all the people; they are all like my family,” senior Daniela Baide said.

It is hard to be in an organizaion that you love then leave all the memories behind after you graduate.

“I’ll miss walking into the
choir room and seeing our room of chaos and laughter, alongside Mr.
Nix singing randomly about short people,” senior choir Vice President Madison Celley said. “After high school, I’ll definitely miss the random conversations and hilarious outburts of someone saying something weird – cough, Aligah Colbert.”

The choir is made up of many different social groups and when they get together they all have many different things to offer to the chior.

“My favorite things about choir probably is learning new things and seeing that I can do things I did not know I could do,” sophomore Aryssa McCarty said.

The concert was a great way to sit back and relax while listening to the beautiful voices of the students.

“I enjoyed the concert,” junior Cindy Contreras said. “It was fun to be there and support the choir with what they all enjoy to do.”

The choir is separated by groups in which they perform. There’s an all girl group, the beginner group, and the mixed group, which is both girls and boys and it is the varsity group.

“What I enjoyed most was showing that Kilgore’s choir has come a long way from where it used

to be,” senior Cameron Jackson said. “We can do challenging songs and make them look easy.”

Jackson speaks on the stress of performing.

“Imagine being president and not only are you having to be sure that your section knows their part, and that your section leaders know their part and are 100% capable
of teaching it to their sections, while maintaining you composure dealing with middle schoolers and getting your mind cleared for your performance,” Jackson said.

Jackson has been in choir since the sixth grade.

“I am hoping to continue singing at whatever college I may end up going to,” Jackson said.