October Employee of the Month


Ryan Cartwright, Staff Writer

The October Employee of the month is Jeff Coleman.

He is a Social Studies teacher, and coach of the boys basketball, and track teams.

He graduated from East Central University, in Ada. Oklahoma with a degree in sociology and physical Education.

Some of his awards he has earned over the years include, District Coach of the year, Oklahoma Coach of the year, Regional Coach of the year, he coached the All-State Game, and he coached the Faith 7 Game.

“The challenge I face on a daily basis is getting the students to understand the importance of a good education,” Coleman said.

The most influential person in his life is his grandfather Johnny Coleman, who taught him the value of working hard and discipline.

In ten years, he plans on being retired and spending time with his family. He wants to be enjoying himself restoring old cars and taking them to car shows.

His best friend is his former college roommate Robert Wilkins Jr. They are like brothers, and they have remained close over the years.

In his free time he enjoys working in his yard, and around the house, and hanging with his family.

Coaching here at Kilgore has become a big part of his life.

“Coaching the high school basketball team here at Kilgore is

great. I find so much joy working with young people teaching them how to work and get along with each other making a team,” Coleman said.

His former college basketball coach Wayne Cobb has made the biggest impact on his life, teaching him that winners never have excuses.

When he needs to relax, he has an old antique car that he goes cruising in to find peace.

In his years of coaching he has won a State Championship, coached in ten State Tournaments, and five State Championship Games.

If he could just sit with any person and talk about anything he would choose the late John Wooden, long time college basketball coach at UCLA.

“I would like to just sit and listen to him talk about the game of basketball and his experience with his players,” Coleman said.

He has many memorable moments at Kilgore coaching basketball.

“Taking Kilgore to the regional tournament after thirty years of not making the playoffs is a great memory for me,” Coleman said.

His biggest accomplishment was speaking to the Chamber floor to the House of Representatives at the capital in Oklahoma City.

He does not have a job outside of teaching at Kilgore and doesn’t really do any volunteer work as he does not have time.

The relationships he has developed with the students here

at Kilgore make him proud of working at KHS. He is proud to be a Bulldog.

He is modest and feels like KHS has lots of good teachers.

“I think I was awarded Employee of the month for the work that I have done with the students here at Kilgore,” Coleman said.

He said he looks forward to continuing to work with his students and have a great year.