October Student of the Month

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October Student of the Month

Jada Franklin, Staff Writer

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Senior Daisy Salazar said she was selected as the October Student of the Month because she always tries to be kind and respect everyone she encounters.

Daisy is a member of the National Honor Society, Vice President of Art, Historian of FHLA, a four-year member of both Media and Art. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. When she graduates she plans on going to Kilgore College.

“I want to start in Kilgore College and I’m not sure where I’m going to nish,” Daisy said.

She plans on majoring in education to become a teacher. “I want to major in education

because I truly admire all my teachers, and I just love how they help in the growth of all the young students,” Daisy said.

Daisy also does community service in downtown Kilgore.

“I really enjoy the Make Kilgore Shine event, “ Daisy said, “because I like how I’m making my town shine, and I just love walking around the streets.”

Her biggest challenge in high school was having to manage time.

“My biggest challenge is procrastination,” Daisy said. “I leave everything until last minute, and in the end, I’m stressing to complete all my work.”

Daisy can’t decide on which teacher had the strongest impact on her.

“I can’t decide on one teacher because every teacher has impacted me in his or her own way,” Daisy said. “Some have shown me to be a hero, be creative, become a leader, and to always improve from my mistakes.”

Daisy’s parents are the most in uential people in her life.

“They have taught me to work hard and to always know what I want in life,” Daisy said.

Daisy has a group of friends that she considers to be close to her, though she doesn’t have a singular best friend.

“I don’t have a best friend; I have many best friends,” Daisy said. “Each is unique in their way, and I can’t choose between them.”

Daisy is going to miss Holly Harper, who is her art teacher.

“I really enjoyed the environment that Mrs. Harper created by giving each student the freeway to express themselves with each artwork,” Daisy said.

Daisy is really excited about graduating and facing a new world.

“I’m really scared of facing an all-new world,’ Daisy said. “For fourteen years I’ve had a similar system going on and all that is to change next year.”

Daisy is proud of everything she has accomplished in her high school years.

“I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished including the bonds I’ve made with teachers and friends,

and the knowledge I’ve gathered from all of my classes,” Daisy said.

All four years of high school have given Daisy many memories to cherish.

“One of the classes that I learned a ton from was BIM,” Daisy said. “We learned how to do resumes, create our own business, make letters, use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and how to make unique presentations.”

Daisy does not have plans for her future ten years from now.

“I’m really not sure, but hopefully I’m as successful as Mr. Croxton tells us to be,“ Daisy said.

When life brings her down, she talks to her mom and sister.

“I just like to go where my mom or sisters are and talk to them,” Daisy said.

If Daisy could talk to anyone, it would be her great-grandfather. “I would love to talk with my

great-grandpa because I never met him,“ Daisy said. “Family would tell me stories about him and how he wanted to know about the future. I want to tell him about the world today and ask if this was what he expected.”