Hi-Stepper officers attend camp in Frisco

Payton Berger, Sports Editor

Darla Williams
Junior Carter Williams, senior Julia Greene, and junior Hailey Espinoza pose with former officers Sydney Bates and Jayden Mankins during camp.

Hi-Stepper officers traveled to Frisco to attend the Encore Creative Productions officer camp on June 7-10. Senior captain Julia Greene and junior lieutenants Hailey Espinoza and Carter Williams went to represent Kilgore.

“This camp taught us how each officer thinks and what their strengths are that they’ll bring to the team this year,” Greene said.

The camp is non-competitive and focused on leadership training and performance enhancement. The four days are filled with workshops, motivational activities, and specialty dance classes to enhance the individual programs in attendance.

“Attending the camp was extremely valuable because everything we learned will allow this year to go smoothly and create a family bond throughout the team,” Williams said.

While the girls learned an extreme amount of dance information from the camp, they also learned what it means to be officers for a group that means so much to them.

“This camp taught that there’s more to being an officer for a drill team than just dancing. We were able to connect with each other through the process and learn what we needed. It made me realize my real values for this team and how much I don’t want to let them down,” Espinoza said.

It made me realize my real values for this team and how much I don’t want to let them down.”

— Hailey Espinoza

The camp helped prepare the officers and gather excitement for the upcoming school year. The girls are looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and bonding with the new members.

“This year we plan to get things done, but have fun while doing it. We’ll continue to be a family,” Greene said.