Forensic science creates a more of a hands-on experience for students


Seniors Tahzman Davis, Kaya Brown, and David Amaro group together to investigate the mock victim.

Emily Salazar, Managing & Design Editor

Throughout the year, the senior forensic class have been learning about crime scene investigation. There have been a handful of mock crimes scenes that allow students to become investigators. The most recent mock crime scene was a murder scene that occurred in a vacant parking lot behind the high school.

“It was really cool to see a fake crime scene and being able to solve the mystery,” senior Chris Chavez said.

Right now, the forensic science classes are working on serology and blood splatter analysis. They are working on the Grim Sleeper case and how it relates to serology.

“This class really teaches me about the forensic science field and I’m glad I’m about to use this information and form my own opinion on an investigation,” senior Keyanna Ector said.

The classes are currently working their way to their end of the year investigation.