Choir students attend King’s Singers clinic


Courtesy Photo

The choir students gather for a photo with King’s Singers.

Carlie Massey, Copy & Online Editor

The choir traveled to Shreveport, Louisiana to attend a clinic with the King’s Singers group. They are a Grammy-award winning vocal, singing group. The choir also attended the King’s Singers concert following the clinic.

“It was a really inspiring experience,” senior Vanessa Zarazua said. “It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to meet and sing with Grammy winners and I’m honored to have gotten to do it. The King’s Singers were awesome. They really helped strengthen my dream of becoming a music teacher.”

The purpose of attending the King’s Singers clinic and attending their performance afterward was to further the choir students’ knowledge in singing and performing.

The King’s Singers members allowed the choir kids to practice in a way that would give them the ability to remember what they had learned.

“My experience in Shreveport at the King’s Singers clinic was amazing,” senior Shania Pierce said. “I loved every minute of it. I learned some new techniques that I can use in the future. I would do it again.”

It is safe to say that the choir students left the clinic impacted by the singers and their teachings.

“We went to the King’s Singers first ever clinic for performers and it was great,” junior Madison Celley said. “Not only did we get the chance to meet Grammy winners, we also got the opportunity to learn and grow as a choir all together. I think we all had a great time and took back some notes to improve our work.”