Architectural Design students construct a 30-year-old tradition


Junior Miguel Munoz takes the provided floor plan and wood to construct trusses for his group’s model house.

Jasiaha Boaz, Photo And Ad Editor

In 1980, Mike Northcutt, the Architectural Design teacher, put the model house initiative into effect teaching students how to take their knowledge of floor plans and build a “hands-on” model house.

“The students learn the fabrication of parts which comprise the finished product,” Northcutt said.

While piecing together a scale house, the students learn common symbols, symbols and common terms.

Each group has a different model house so the way they build it from the ground up will be unique in their own fashion.

“Being able to build model houses with a group of people and working together would have to be the most exciting part about working on this project,” sophomore Jacob Key said.

The scale houses are A-frames to traditional townhomes. The wood foundation can vary from

fragile pieces, but when put together hold up sturdy or actual wood that takes longer to cut and nail through, but has the feel of an actual house.

“We have limited materials which means we can’t mess up,” junior Miguel Munoz said.

First, the students oversee the floor plans and decide what to start constructing. Usually, a group will start to build the walls and then go from there.

“The hardest part would have to be the nails refusing to go in right, the hot glue gun burning you and the wood breaks too easily,” sophomore Braxton Guerrero said.

Some students that take the Architectural Design class consider a future career in that field. Taking a class in high school that coincides with a career gives a distinct advantage in the long run.

“I actually got into my drafting class at my UT Innovation academy in seventh grade. Putting lots of time into something and to

see the end product is a great experience,” junior Anthony Smith said.

Other students had motives to join the Architectural Design class and in doing
so Mr. Northcutt was able

to help his students gain the experience to go into the world and have a working knowledge of construction.

“My brother told me that Drafting was a good class, with an even better teacher, junior Jorge Baldazo said.