Why life as a teen is not always easy


Carlie Massey

Sophomore Faith Jones portray a regular teen in high school. Illustration Photography.

For humans, life can be difficult. However, teenage years are a confusing and stressful time. Teens are confronted with many new issues and decisions that seem very important to their day to day life.

Life as a teenager can be hard at times.

Education is an important aspect to people’s lives, however, high school students may often feel bored in regular classes, causing them to lose interest and focus in school altogether.

Teens can often feel bored in everyday situations due to the many options they are given. They have the internet at their disposal- they can watch any video, and movie, talk to anyone they wish; this variety of options leads to boredom. Hick’s Law states that the more options humans are given, the longer it takes to make a decision on what to do. Hick’s Law leaves teens feeling bored and tired throughout their day.

Teenagers often feel misunderstood, or uncared for by adults. Things they enjoy doing are often not valued by adults, leading teens to feel as if their opinions, hobbies, and goals are unappreciated.

Teens feel as if their opinions, hobbies, and goals are unappreciated

Insecurities and expectations of how teens should be viewed in society fill their everyday lives. Expectations of what they should participate in during high school, who they should hang out with, what college to attend, and what career path they should choose often eat away at their mind. This causes anxiety and stress in their lives.

There are some that believe life as a teenager should be the best years of a persons life. However, this idea causes an unrealistic idea of what should be expected from high school and some years of college, leading teens to believe they are somehow living their life wrong.

Teens should be lifted up instead of brought down. Their hobbies and interests should be supported instead of mocked.

Life as a teenager may be difficult, but through the help of sensitive, caring adults, and other uplifting teens, life can potentially become easier.