UIL teams form for new season

Carlie Massey , Copy & Online Editor

On Wednesday, the UIL sponsors held a ‘UIL preview party’ in the Annex where UIL teams, meets, and events were discussed. The first competition of the season will be held on Saturday, January 19. 2019.

“The biggest reason we held a UIL preview party was to introduce everyone to the events available,” UIL coach and humanities teacher Carl Mohn said.

Returning competitor junior Kristal Loredo is continuing her streak of competing in computer applications, accounting and science.

“This is my second year of UIL,” Kristal said. “My goal is to place higher in regionals than I did last year.”

My goal is to place higher in regionals than I did last year.

— Kristal Loredo

Students of any grade can join any team at any grade; students do not have to have been on a UIL team previously to join.

“I didn’t get to do it last year, which is really disappointing,” sophomore Juan Vega said. “I felt left out. This year, I got to go to the UIL preview party which encouraged me to join social studies and science.”

Freshman who have previously done UIL before high school are given a chance to continue their pathways and join new teams. Freshman Madison Donovan is continuing her UIL career by joining journalism, math, and debate.

“I’ve been in UIL since 5th grade and I love to compete especially when it’s for school,” Madison said.

The UIL teams have statistically received more attention throughout the recent years, making UIL a more welcoming environment.

“I’m excited that we are encouraging academic competitions and helping students express their talents and abilities,” Mohn said.