One Act Play Cast & Crew Travels To Bullard, Performs One Act Play


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Left to right: Row one: sophomore Dekavian Hall, senior Braeland Williams, junior Shania Pierce, junior Brandon Fugler, sophomore Carlie Massey, senior Nicholas Hoskins, freshman Brooklyn Hall Row two: junior Vanessa Zarazua, senior Bailey Green, senior Olivia Lemaire, sophomore Alex Callaway, senior Alyssa Vanhoose.

Carlie Massey, Staff Writer

Kilgore High School attended the annual one act play competition on March 10, hosted by Bullard High School. Theater teacher Sally Wooddell chose to direct Still Stand The House written by Gwen Pharis Ringwood.

“It’s a tough competition,” Wooddell said. “The students all did really well and put 100% into the play. There is so much talent and I can’t wait to see what next year holds.”

Senior Braeland Williams won a medal for all-star cast for his role as Arthur Manning.

“My favorite part of the whole experience was learning how to manage stress and building relationships with who are now my new close friends,” Braeland said. “I’m only able to deal with stage fright by putting myself out there in front of what scares me the most. In this case it’s being the target of everyone’s gaze.”

Sophomore Dekavian Hall, an understudy for the character Arthur Manning, spoke out about his favorite memory being able to be on stage for the first time.  

“Being behind the scenes is like watching a plant grow,” Dekavian said. “You see the whole process and you watch how everything comes together. Getting the experience of being an actor and trying something new was my favorite part of this one act play season.”

As light manager, sophomore Alex Callaway’s job duties included setting up and working in the light booth. Callaway listed cues, set the mood, and began and ended the show.

“My favorite part of the one act play was watching all of the passion and creativity by not only other schools, but ours as well,” Alex said. “Being behind the scenes while the cast is performing is peaceful, but also the exact opposite – paying attention is important. [As a crew member] you help tie the whole thing together. You listen and watch when to act yourself, and you have to be careful to not distract the audience by being loud or moving a bunch. My favorite memory of this semester would probably be watching my friends grow into their roles and grow as people. It’s very enlightening to see their passion and personalities come out.”

Junior Brandon Fuglers favorite part of this one act play season was watching his friends receive their medals as he cheered them on.

“I have stage fright,” Brandon said. “I can overcome it by getting into my character. In a way I become my character and forget the audience and judges. It felt pretty scary to b in front of the judges. I felt the pressure of having to do my best. It was also exciting to put my heart into the play. My favorite memory from this semester was the conversations I had with my friends to and from the competition.”

Junior Vanessa Zarazuas favorite memory was riding on the bus to and from clinics with her friends.

“My favorite part of one act play would have to be the rehearsals,” Vanessa said. “Mostly because I got to bond with my friends and help with what needed to be done. I wasn’t backstage during actual performances, but run throughs during rehearsals are pretty close. It’s fun to watch the actors get in and out of character seamlessly.”

As a behind the scenes crew member, junior Shania Pierce explains how she loves to see how hard the cast has worked and how much effort they have put in.

“Being a part of the theater family and making great new friends was my favorite memory this semester,” Shania said. “My favorite part of this one act play season was getting to be with friends and experiencing the one act play, considering it was my first one.”

Senior Nicholas Hoskins won a medal for honorary crew member for his work on the sound board.

“I’m really going to miss this,” Nicholas said. “I really enjoyed the process of making a play and I enjoy the people involved in it. I feel very happy [to have won a medal] because this is my last year to have received one.”

Freshman Brooklyn Hall was able to experience her first one act play season as the prop manager.

“This is my first year,” Brooklyn said. “I feel like I’ve found a family with the advanced theater department. I love spending time with the cast and the crew and doing what I love.”