Theatre students attend performing arts competition


Carlie Massey

Students who participated in Van Way-Off Broadway pose for a celebratory photo. Top row: Sophomore Lexus Harrington, freshman Brooklyn Hall and senior Quavion Hollins. Second row: Sophomore Jordan “Alex” Callaway and freshman Rachel Bowman. Bottom row: Junior Vanessa Zarazua.

Several students from the theater department went to an event called the Van Way-Off Broadway Fall Performing Arts Competition on Saturday, Nov. 4.

“Overall it was a good experience and will help the students in future performances,” theater teacher Sally Perkins said.

The students were not given scores but ratings of superior, excellent, good, or fair. This system is meant to help better the students’ talents and abilities, rather than put them on a scale of 1-10.

“It was an eventful experience,” freshman Brooklyn Hall said. “Everyone there was extremely welcoming. We met loads of new people and learned about lots of schools in our area. Although I didn’t actually perform, I know that if I do next year, it’s not as scary as it seems.”

Van Way-Off Broadway is an environment in which everyone lets go of themselves and makes new friends and memories.

“It’s been really exciting to be in a competition for theater,” freshman Rachel Bowman said. “Performing and critiquing yourself is a great thing, but watching everyone perform around you and learning from them is also really helpful.”

This competition is also not for the shy and diffident. You must be outgoing and a little flamboyant to be confident enough to stand in front of your judge, and a small crowd.

“Confidence is the key,” sophomore Lexus Harrington said. “If you’re not sociable, you probably shouldn’t do this.”

Van Way-Off Broadway sparks friendships, gives self confidence, and lets students walk away having learned something new.

“It was a great and memorable time,” junior Vanessa Zarazua said. “I was surprised I wasn’t as nervous as I thought I’d be. Everyone there was amazing, and I felt comfortable there. I loved it!”