Two year anniversary of humanities class

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  • Left – English teacher Johna Tritt Right – bible, sociology, and geography teacher Carl Mohn

  • Freshmen students work in humanities class

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This semester marks year two of the newest wave of education, humanities. Humanities is a project based class that combines english and geography to challenge students, and make them think for themselves.

“It keeps evolving to more student centered learning,” English teacher Johna Tritt said.

Students in the humanities 1 class are already beginning to realize the possibilities humanities holds for them, their ideas, and their creativity.

“Humanities has allowed me to think in a different way  and has taught me to become more creative,” freshman Olivia Arp said. “I’ve learned new and more interesting ways to present because no one stays interested during a boring Google slide presentation.”

This class helps open the eyes to students of how the real world might work, forcing them to think for themselves and be creative. It is a way for teachers to really stop hand holding.

“I expect it to be more of your own thing, and get a wider range of knowledge,” freshman Hylyn Lumpkins said.

Humanities keeps evolving, as it will as more and more schools begin to use this method of learning.

“We get better at making projects, and we’re hopeful that students are taking leadership and responsibility over their learning,” geography and Bible teacher Carl Mohn said.