A few simple steps to spring cleaning


Madison Donovan

Junior Wyatt Woodley cleans out his backpack. He forgot that he had many of these items. “I didn’t know I would have things from the first semester,” Woodley said.

Madison Donovan, Junior Editor

It’s Springtime! The weather is getting warmer, flowers are coming back to life, and you’re probably close to summer break. Woohoo!

Before you fully jump into the Summer spirit, let’s not forget that Spring is the time for cleaning. And as a student, spring cleaning should be on your mind. Here are five tips to get started with:

1.Closet clean out

Freshen up your wardrobe by removing items you’re no longer using. If you didn’t wear those sweaters during the coldest season, are you really going to wear them? It’s time to cut ties with things that you have no use for. Do a little good and donate them.

If you’re still hesitant, why not rotate clothes with friends? My friends and I do this all of the time. When we have practically new clothing that we’re not wearing, we give it to one of our friends. It keeps our own closets from spiraling out of control, and the gesture will be reciprocated at some point.

2. Rearrange things

Move things around your room for something fresh. You’re likely to find old things scattered around that you don’t want, so get them out of your room and reduce clutter. Even if you like the way you have things organized now, it’s best to maximize the space you have. The only way you can do that is by rearranging your furniture to determine the best placement for everything. It also makes cleaning so much easier.  

3. Review backpack items

For the love of all things good, go through your backpack. Don’t leave things in there that will undoubtedly go bad. That is so unpleasant for you and your classmates to deal with later. Not to mention, gross.

A lot of the time, we tend to keep absolutely everything we receive during the school year. It’s spring cleaning, so if anything’s old and no longer useful, toss it in the trash.

4. Spruce up that social media image

Intelligently evaluate the content you have online. Are there any images you feel shouldn’t be there? Unflattering photos could deter hiring managers and haunt your college or job hunt, so go through any photos you’re tagged in or things you have posted that could negatively affect your image—and delete them.

5. Recycle old paper

Clear away any paperwork that’s no use to you anymore. Yes, that paper mountain can be gone. So, file it away if it’s important, recycle it to help the environment, or shred it into tiny bits that you can throw as confetti after your final exam. That paper doesn’t need to sit in a pile, collecting dust indefinitely. Just get rid of it.

Spring cleaning can relieve the added stress of keeping your room clean. When you have so much more than you could possibly need, it’s time to reduce clutter and keep your life from spiraling into chaos.