Study tips and tricks for upcoming final exams

May 22, 2019

The end is near, and students have only have final exams left to fear. With the end of the school year approaching, final exam week gets closer and closer. The excitement of summer and the stress of exams is difficult to cope with. Study tips and tricks are an easy fix that will not only appease stress, but earn each student better grades to finish this year strong. Exams begin Tuesday May 21 and will be taken until Thursday May 23.

Yes, it is difficult to muster up the motivation to study although it’s always the right move to do so. Studying isn’t as hard a task as it seems if you do it the right way. The simplest way to lighten the stress of studying is by removing unneeded distractions such as your phone, other electronic devices and bothersome people.  Many students find themselves sitting in bed “studying”. But those students also find themselves absentmindedly studying and unable to recall any information. It is recommended to study pretty much anywhere but a bed or comfy area – it’s far too tempting to rest.

Faith Jones
Junior Carlie Massey and Sophomore Olivia Arp study together using flashcards. “I enjoy using flashcards to study because it makes studying with a friend easier,” Olivia said.

Listening to music while studying can be either helpful or harmful. Studies done by Stanford University prove that if one desires to listen to music while trying to study and retain information, classical music has been proved to improve the brain’s effectiveness in retaining studied information. It’s also recommended to eat a small snack prior to the study session as fuel for the brain while one tries to prepare and to keep your energy up.

Studying for hours upon hours trying to cram the night before a test does more harm than good. It is more effective to study in intervals of 20 minutes with 5 minute breaks in between. Besides, everyone loves having little breaks and it’ll help in the long run. Not taking breaks decreases the chances of the brain retaining information.

One of the best studying techniques is the use of flashcards. They’re easy to make and are the easiest and most effective way to study. Using flashcards also makes it possible to study with a friend or partner so that you can quiz each other. When taking notes in class prior to any test or exam it is important not to write them in wordy paragraphs. Instead, the notes are easier to go over if they’re made with the use of dots, mind maps, diagrams and are visually appealing. Every person is different and retains information differently, so to each his own with note taking methods.

Not everyone has a knack for studying, and there are ways around it. It’s the 20th century and there’s practically no piece of information that can’t be found on the internet. Websites such as Mathway, Quizlet, Evernote, Duolingo, Audible, Khan Academy, Exam Solutions and the Student Room are available with the purpose of helping students with studying.

Relying on notes and study guides can set one up for failure because it’s hard to fully grasp a concept if you don’t have the entirety of the information. Using those websites as well as videos, documentaries and online articles guarantees great knowledge over a subject whether it be history, biology or English.

Final exams can make students feel extremely stressed so its important to keep a strong head on your shoulders.

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