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Twirling line receives ones on group routine and all solos

Olivia Arp, Staff Writer

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On Saturday November tenth, the twirling line went to Pine Tree High School to participate in the solo and ensemble UIL competition. The group routine received a one and each girl received a one on their solo.

“After the ensembles performance, I was blown away at how flawless that performance was,” twirl instructor and sponsor Blair Maxwell said. “It could not have been any better and I’m so proud of each twirler.”

After the ensembles performance, I was blown away at how flawless that performance was”

— Blair Maxwell

The group routine received ones from both judges and only had one drop.

“I feel like we did a fantastic job at at UIL and I can’t wait for state to come,” head twirler and junior Diamond Smith said. “I’m so proud of all of us and I know that we will do great things to reach our goals.”

The girls practiced twice a week for months preparing for the competition. The girls had to learn five different routines to perform at football games and perfect the UIL routine.

“I feel like the group has put in so much time and effort,” feature twirler and junior Jordan Ware said. “We got the one we deserved and we will be ready for state.”

The twirl team will travel to Austin at the end of the school year to participate in the state solo and ensemble competition.

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