Olivia Arp

Freshman Carly Mauldin sports her “Sisu” team shirt on a day that was supposed to be about bringing the school together in order to create a family.

Newspaper staff response to anonymous shooter threat

On Wednesday, October 24 a rumor spread throughout the students of KHS that someone was going to bring a gun to school.

Schools throughout the United States have been hit with gunmen so frequently in the 2000’s that students are beginning to be insensitive to any threats that they receive. In the current day and age students have begun to make threats as a joke or a form of a prank.

Shelter in place drills have previously been used to help students learn how to act in real life situations. But with few students taking a threat, lockdown or shelter in place seriously, it is difficult for those students to continue to be solemn about any situation of the kind.

The impact left on those at the school today is one that will stick with them throughout the rest of their lives. 

Faculty, staff, and students should not have to feel fear at school, while also battling the question of, “Is this threat real, or is this a joke made by our peers?”

Wednesday was the “House Color” Red Ribbon dress up day. Students and staff were supposed to be focusing on their “house families” and earning points by wearing their colors. Instead, students were leaving school out of fear or for a chance to miss school.

Threats such as this interrupt the learning of students, the mind of parents, and the plans of teachers.

The threat placed on the school today may be meant as a joke, or it may be a serious matter that we, the students, narrowly avoided. At the end of the day, the students, teachers, and faculty are safe, however, the impact left on those at the school today is one that will stick with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Alexis Anderson
Sophomores Madalynn Perrymore, Brook-lynn Henderson
Olivia Arp
Junior Jordan Ware, sophomores Iziah Ramirez, Lesly Amaro, chemistry teacher Teresa Brown, sophomore Hailey Estrada, junior Tatiana Loredo
Olivia Arp
Junior Jordan Ware shows off her “Team Brick House” shirt.


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