Students participate in Career Day

Maria Morales, Staff Writer

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Kilgore High School held Career Day on Nov. 2, from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. Career Day is an annually held event that helps students explore career paths they are interested in. In this event there were career paths that that dealt with Business and Finance, Education and Sports, Engineering, Journalism/Photography, Manufacturer, Welding and more.

The categories were pretty diverse and students got to choose what career paths they wanted to attend.

“Career day was a pretty cool experience. It helped me with exploring different careers since I’m not sure what I wanna be yet,” said junior Donna Venegas.

Nurse practitioner Moly Lemer attended and explained what to expect from her career

“We treat people as a whole, not just their disease,” Lemer said.

ER nurses Angelica Biggs and Julie Gage also preached a thing or two about their careers

“You have to be an advocate for your patients,” Gage said.

There were other categories such as cosmetology.

“I love makeup, so cosmetology was fun,” junior Jaci Bateman.

Jennifer Brown from High Maintenance Salon informed the students about cosmetology.

“You have to be a person that doesn’t mind touching people,” Brown said.

Experts with career paths as lawyers and engineers attended as well.

“Lawyers are jacks of all cards,” lawyer Tom Watson said.

He explained lawyers have to explore for their verdict, which is guilty or not guilty.

Career day helped students explore the possibilities of what they could do with their life. The professionals that came to present their careers are highly appreciated.