One Last Time


Carley Dollins, Staff Writer

Alyssa Whitington is a senior on the Kilgore softball team. She has played on the varsity team all four years of high school. She has been through many ups and downs while playing on the team, but she has been able to overcome all of them and still been able to succeed. 

With covid hitting last year, the softball season was cut short, leaving the juniors and seniors sad that they did not get to experience the full season. 

“Not having a full season last year was really odd and seemed unreal. Plus our seniors did not get the opportunity to play and make it to the playoffs,” Alyssa said. 

The girls are working very hard so far this season so they can play their bests and go as far as they can. You can see Alyssa and all the other girls at the field almost everyday working hard to achieve their goals. 

“I’m doing everything I can to better myself and trying no matter what to not let anything affect my senior year,” Alyssa said. 

At the end of Alyssa’s freshman year, she found out that she would be having a baby. She did not let this stop her from playing the game she loved though. After the birth of her baby girl, she was back working out to try and get her body ready to get on the field again. Alyssa worked so hard that she was back playing by the end of the season her sophomore year. 

Just like all of the seniors this year, Alyssa will be missed very much. She puts a lot of time and effort into the team to try and better, not only herself, but also everyone else playing. She has made many friends and even a forever family while playing on the team. She has also made many memories on the team, from Junior Jada Dennis running into a girl trying to get an out, to just simply getting to see all of her friends everyday.

“I’m actually sad because when I was a freshman and I started on varsity I did not think this would ever be my last season and now it is… I know that I’ll have to give it my all,” Alyssa said. 

We wish nothing but the best for you Alyssa and we can not wait to see where their future takes you.