Choir students participate in UIL Solos

Meet – Jan 30th Marshall High school


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Top Row: Anyiah Willis 9th, Kayla Ridge 10th, Imari Williamson 9th, Milisha Wiley-Timms 12th, Brooklyn Hall 12th. Middle Row: Willow Weick 9th, Jayden Davis 9th, Kara Malick 11th, Bryan Harter 11th, Joseph Harton 11th. Last Row: Makayla Longmire 11th, Katelyn Dorsey 11th, Kendal Trevino 11th, Emily Carter 11th, Jessica Baker 11th.

Kayla Ridge, Staff Writer

Despite having an odd year, choir director Phillip Nix and choir students have been working on solos for the competition held January 30 at Marshall High School. Seventeen students out of the Mixed Choir (thirteen) and Women’s Choir (four) will be participating. All students in both classes are required to memorize their solo and sing through the song along with accompanist, David Berryhill. Berryhill has assisted Kilgore soloists for three years. 

Freshman, Jayden Davis has been participating in choir since 3rd grade and has been participating in Solo and Ensemble for two years. She is now singing with the Mixed Choir along with wise upper class-man who can give her pointers to making state with her solo.

“To me singing a solo brings courage and enthusiasm for myself as well as the choir I sing in,” Davis said. “I’ve always wanted to make state.”

Jayden along with senior Brooklyn Hall and sophomore Kayla Ridge, have been practicing the song Bist Du Bei Mir by Johann Bach BbA German Mezzo Soprano song that can be sung to make state. Solos to songs such as Gal Sole Dal Gange, Se Tu m’ami, When I was a lad, The Crucifixion, Silent Noon, My Mother Bids me by my Hair, and Caro Mio Ben will be performed as well.

All soloist include: 

Mixed Choir 

Milisha Wiley – Timms/ Grade 12 

Chamya Sammons/ Grade 12

Brooklyn Hall/ Grade 12

Bryan Harter/ Grade 11

Kara Malick/ Grade 11

Joseph Horton/ Grade 11

Emily Carter/ Grade 11

Kendall Trevino/ Grade 11

Jessica Baker/ Grade 11

Makayla Longmire/ Grade 11

Layla Spalding/ Grade 10

Kayla Ridge/ Grade 10

Jayden Davis/ Grade 9


Women’s Choir

Katelyn Dorsey/ Grade 12

Anyiah Willis/ Grade 10

Imari Williamson/ Grade 9

Willow Weick/ Grade 9