November Student of the Month


Teresa Medina, Staff Writer

Leticia Vallejo is Student of the Month for November. She is a 2 year UIL Academics Regional Quali er, a 2019 UIL Computer Applications District Champion, a 3-year Academic Recognition for All A’s, Microsoft Office 2016 Specialist, and a Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA).

One of Leticia’s favorite classes is PASS.

“Ever since the first day, I have relished observing the growth
of every individual in the class. From the Special Olympics to cleaning the library, I couldn’t imagine spending my time during the day doing something else,” Leticia said.

She plans on becoming a mechanical engineer. As a senior, you have to start thinking about colleges and your future which can be stressful and hard to decide. Leticia is undecided about what college to attend.

“I am leaning more into colleges in-state, but I have begun applying to a few up north,” Leticia said. Being a senior can make you realize like everything’s going by fast, so you have to enjoy every moment.

“My most memorable experience is one that I now look back on and laugh at very much. In biology, we were told to make strands of DNA. When I turned it in, Mr. Dean told me it was wrong and would give me a 50. I cried until the class was over, only to be told that I received a 95.”

Not only do you make friend with the students but the teachers can also make an impact on you. “Mr. Northcutt is one of those teachers you will never forget in your life. Coming into his class every day for the past four years has been therapeutic while I learn the beauty of architecture. His advice, sagacity, and jokes will be something I will revere even after high school,” Leticia said.

Being able to have teachers you can talk to in school can be so refreshing, and someone that can help you out and show you exactly what you need is such a good feeling.

“The teacher who has taught me the most is Mr. Williams. I have always had a passion for math, and this class was an eye-opener for my Calculus class I took over the summer. After my calculus course was over, Mr. Williams explained the beauty of derivatives and how everything originated. To my Pre-Cal teacher, thank you for everything you have done for me. I hope you continue to impact students’ lives the way you did mine,” Leticia said.

“The class I will miss the most is College Ready. Mrs. Diaz allowed us to prepare for standardized tests on Khan Academy and gave us the flexibility to learn at our own pace,” she said.

One of the people in Leticia’s life who is most special to her is her sister.

“Up until I was nine, I was a single child. Ever since she was born, I came to realize that being reticent was no longer possible as she always lights up the room with her smile and countless silly jokes,” Leticia said.

The most influential person in her life is her mother.

“My mother is the blueprint I reference that has built me into the person I am today. Being alongside her when she overcame adversities has given me the strength and willpower to continue her legacy for many years to come,” Leticia said.

Being a senior goes by so fast, and so many emotions come to you.

“The one thing I fear most about graduating is losing touch with many of the people I have become close with,” Leticia said. “When everyone goes off to college, many go separate ways and never come back to their hometown. To the class of 2020, I wish you all the best in everything you do in life.”