Art Club recent projects


Art club members drawing smiles on kids faces on SAFEE Day.

Yesenia Ramirez, Staff Writer

Art Club members volunteers to show their talent and skills at the volleyball home games and different events on October by painting faces and will continue at the Basketball Home games on November 12th. Also students are creating new art work and starting new projects such as painting their color wheels, drawing a paper bag and draw a scene around it and to add realistic shading, starting their Facial Feature paintings and they will start their 3rd Concentration Piece.

“This projects will help them prepare for our other community wide face painting events and Art Club students get more involved in the school, by painting faces at the home games,” Art teacher Holly Harper said.

Students learn how to develop the necessary skills to give their best at the events while enjoying painting and making the kids smile.

“Practice after practice and developing the techniques I needed allowed me to get better. My favorite part would have to be painting the eyes as it holds the power to tell a story,” Senior Art Club member Anushka Pradhan said.

The main purpose of these projects is to teach the students how to mix their own colors, how to draw more realistically, how to paint 3D qualities, and how to create their own artwork with a theme.

“I’m still quite new to it, therefore I’m still learning the skills needed day by day, but I have learned a lot from being in art such as various styles and skills and have been inspired by many of my peers,” Pradhan said.