Spooky and in harmony


Chamber,Sinphnia,Philharnonic performed together for the concert.

Jada Franklin, Staff Writer

The Orchestra performed on September 29 at 6 p.m. at the Middle School.

The songs they are playing are “The Waltz of the Wicked” by Kirt N. Mosier, “Dies Irae: Fantasia” by Deborah B. Monday, “Pirates of the Caribbean” arranged by Larry Moor and many more pieces.

The Hauntcert was the first time Sherry Paetznick directed a full high school orchestra.

  “I’ve directed pieces at concerts when Mr. Almendarez was director and when Mr. Roberts was director,” orchestra director Paetznick said.  “I’m looking forward to directing an entire concert of upper level music.”

The orchestra played Halloween themed music to get the crowd into the Halloween spirit .

“I feel we have a very diverse and fun selection of music” senior Kaleigh Sammons said.

Working as a group can be challenging, but can lead to great payoff. 

“Leading up to the concert we worked hard everyday to improve the songs we were going to play,” junior Cerenity Exline said. “At the concert we were able to show off how hard we worked in executing the songs very well.”

Playing with a bigger orchestra can be interesting and sometimes hard.

 “I think the idea of combining all 3 classes for the concert is interesting,” freshman Jamie Baldao said “I think it could be difficult for all the sections to be in sync”.