KHS introduces ESPORTS club

Ryan Cartwright, staff writer

This year the school has introduced a new club, the ESPORTS club. It allows students to play PC games for competitions and meets during the school year. Who would have thought that playing video games would be allowed in school? Later in the year students will be able to qualify for state and even nationals through this competition. 

“I wanted to get more students involved and included in activities at KHS. A huge population of our students are gamers, so I wanted to have something those students could participate in,” Mr. Moore said.

There are about 30 or 40 students who have signed up to participate in the club. The president is senior Luis Baldazo, and the vice president is  senior Shawn May. There are 3 teams for meets and competitions. Games that they play are Overwatch, which is the main one, Mario Kart Bullet Force, and Smash. 

“We try to meet every other Thursday after school,” senior Shawn May said

To practice, students are allowed to stay after school to learn more about the game and improve their skills. Some students play on console but have signed up and switched to PC to get better and try something new. Students are able to receive awards for their participation in meets and competitions. 

“Students compete with other students in an Overwatch tournaments. We also are going to start doing some of our own tournaments within the club,” Moore said.