Sophomore speaks on his love of football

Sophomore JV football player Thomas Hattaway loves the game he gets to play. Playing football for his school is something he has always planned to do.

Everyone needs a motivator and Hattaway says his family encourages him the most.

“They motivate me by coming to my games and supporting me,” Hattaway said. 

As an athlete, Hattaway has to prepare mentally for the game.

“I prepare by listening to music and thinking about what I need to do to be successful,” Hattaway said.

The football field is like an escape for Hattaway.

“I feel relieved as if all my worries are gone away,” Hattaway said

Everyone has different definitions of a team Hattaway has a version of his own.

“A team is many players fighting for one goal,” Hattaway said. 

Hattaway is aware that mistakes happen, but he does his best not to repeat them.

“I play for the love of the game,” Hattaway said.

I play for the love of the game.”

— Thomas Hattaway

“I work harder the next time to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” Hattaway said.

Every player has their own thoughts about each player good or bad.

“I think my teammates view me as a good player,” Hattaway said.

Win or lose, everyone handles themselves differently after each game.

“I handle myself with food after every game,” Hattaway said.

Hattaway believes touchdowns should be celebrated. 

“I chest bump my teammates , and do my handshake with Corey Rider,” Hattaway said. 

Playing both offense and defense in football can be tiring but one grabs your attention more than the other,

“Offense is better because I get to put points on the board for my team,” Hattaway said

Hattaway says he enjoys reaching his personal goals at each of his games.

“I accomplished my goal of getting touchdowns and catching 90% of my passes,” Hattaway said.