Social Media:

Is its increasing in popularity hurting or improving communication?


Junior Alexis T. Anderson “I think it is a little bit of both because its easier to communicate, but if it’s your primary form, it’s not good.”

Yesenia Ramirez, Staff Writer

In our community, social media has been a big part of our daily basis, and it can be used for many purposes. But, how people use it is going to determine whether it’s going to affect or benefit them.

Some people may argue that social media is affecting negatively children and young adults’ brains and personalities, while most people see that social media has a more positive effect than a negative one.

Social media has been a convenient way of communicating in this generation. It helps connect with everyone easily around the world and even strengthen bonds with each other. Although it can strengthen relationships, face to face interactions are still needed to keep a relationship alive.

On the other hand, people sometimes forget the fact that there’s a human on the other side of the screen and some say whatever comes to mind without thinking about how the person will interpret their tone and it creates a misunderstanding and miscommunication which threatens relationships.

While this helps communicate efficiently, it also ruins the grammar and it has made conversations seem lazy and it loses any chance of deep and meaningful conversations, which make people uninterested in meeting.

Now a days, people check their phone often to “connect” and have conversations with several people at a time, but when meeting in real life there is no connection with the person in front, the conversations are no longer meaningful, the urge to scroll down through social media and the fear of “missing out” is there.

The abbreviated language of social media is now becoming part of our communication in real life, too, which affects communication skills.

After all, today’s youth spend more time online than interacting with others and they have not been taught the proper etiquette to communicate in the spaces they spend so much time.

Social media can be a weapon that can destroy strong bonds, but it can also be a tool that has many benefits if used properly.

Make your decisions wisely and be the person who can pay attention to who you are with at the time.