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Next World War? What could it be?

Humanities 2 takes on predicting the cause of World War III

By sophomores Shelby Maring, Brooklyn Hall, Rachel Bowman, Jimena Espinosa

Olivia Arp, Staff Writer

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The Humanities 2 program is learning about the twentieth century this quarter. This last week they focused primarily on World War I and the Russian Revolutions of 1917. They studied the causes of each of these events and looked at those causes in today’s society. They assessed how nationalism, the desire for a country’s well being, militarism which is the desire for a strong and powerful military, and imperialism, the idea that one persons country is better than the other and that their country can fix others, caused WWI and how these ideals are still causing issues today. After learning about the causes of wars Humanities 2 students were tasked with creatively describing how World War III might come to be.

“The project forces us to predict how alliances would affect  a theoretical war and to do that we had to really understand the alliances that affected World War I,” sophomore Rachel Bowman said.

Students had to decide what countries would align with what, what could be the cause of WWIII, and how different countries would handle the events.

“The project made me get a better understanding of World War I,” sophomore Hylyn Lumpkins said. “We had to study the causes and learn what could cause the next one and how to prevent it.”

Class members had to research what all led up to everything and end up creating something that others could easily understand.

“Something I loved about this project is how we got all of the necessary information,” sophomore Brooklyn Hall said. “We simplified it in a way that anyone who hadn’t learned about what we did could still understand it.”

Students presented their projects in videos, websites, screen plays, and many more ways.

“It made me feel that I had an outlet beyond an essay and I could finally express my creativity,” sophomore Martin Hernandez said.

Sophomores Martin Hernandez, Luis Campos, and Cayce Crawford’s project

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Next World War? What could it be?