Band prepares to travel to Disney World


The varsity band set up and prepares to play the National Anthem for the Black History program.

Yesenia Ramirez, Staff writer

Every four years the KHS band travels to Orlando, Florida to visit Disney and participate in their parade.

“I’ve never been to Disney World and I’m definitely looking forward to march through Disney world,” senior Jackson Traywick said, it’s sure to be a major highlight for me and the band. I’m looking forward to taking my music and horn as we are playing in Disney World. Also, some sunscreen as I’m sure it’s going to be hot.”

Band members are looking forward to participating in the parade since it’s their first time traveling to Disney as a band.

“I’ve never been to Disney World so I’m excited to see the Harry Potter rides and bring back souvenirs,” Jordan McGee said.

For some band students this is going to be an unforgettable trip and an opportunity to make memories full of excitement with their friends.

“I plan on enjoying my spring break with my room buddies and bringing back cool souvenirs and a camera full of memories,” Senior Terriah Dunn said.

Planning on what to pack for a trip this far can be one of the most difficult parts of a vacation.

“I plan on packing a huge suitcase full of necessities, extra bags to carry around the park and lots and lots of snacks and extra money,” Dunn said.

The band will be taking charter buses to Orlando, driving straight to the night and staying at a hotel in Disney World.

“I will definitely take my phone, maybe snacks and things to do in the hotel room and even a book,” junior Jordan Ware said.

Rooming with their friends can be enthusiastic for some members a unique experience.

“I’m rooming with two close friends, I think it will make the trip even better,” Junior Tharyn Roberts said.

Since the trip is far away and with so much free time until they reach their destination, members are planning on what to do to spend their time.

“I plan on doing a combination of sleeping, watching Netflix, eating and occasionally engaging conversations and taking selfies for snapchat,” Dunn said.

Band members are currently focusing on ways to keep themselves entertained on the long trip there and back.

“I think I’ll be studying my music and listening to music,” Traywick said.

The band lives March 8 right after school and will return March 13.

“I plan on surviving the bus ride by lots of snacks and naps,” Roberts said.