Behind BirdBox

Jada Franklin, Staff Writer

Bird Box was a stimulating, riveting movie. It gives exceptional insight to viewers about the end of the world while entertaining them as well. The movie grabs the attention of many by beginning with a baffling start, compelling viewers to watch the movie on the edge of their seat until the confusion is resolved in the end.

The movie Bird Box was released to Netflix Dec 13, 2018. It was directed by Sasanna Bier. This movie touched on how the world was going to end.

Viewers felt Birdbox was interesting, they expressed feelings of confusion about the movie but found that towards the end it was easier to comprehend. The movie could apply to everyday life in KHS because of how students hide from their fears.

The movie applies to creatures that makes humans see their greatest fears”

Students face fears on a day to day basis. Seniors are currently fearing college. Will they get in, where will they go, can they afford it? Juniors are worrying about their senior year. Will they do well, will they enjoy it? Sophomores are worrying about receiving class rank. Will they be happy with it, will they be where they want to be, will their family be proud? Freshmen are fearing the rest of high school. Is high school really like in the movies, will they make it out alive, can they keep up their grades?

Birdbox touches on fears that people in life we struggle with. Peoples homes is their safe house because nobody can hurt them.