Hispanic Heritage Festival held on Oct. 30


FHLA members club performs a traditional hispanic dance.

Yesenia Ramirez, Staff Writer

The Hispanic Heritage Festival was held on Oct. 30 at the Kilgore City Park. The festival is a tradition that has been celebrated since years before. It helps the community to come together and have fun.

“I really enjoy all the kids that come and play the games,” junior Daisy Salazar said. “The dances that FHLA organized and also all the food that people bring” junior Daisy Salazar said.

The festival had games, performances, face painting and lots of traditional Mexican food.

“It was very fun and entertaining,” senior Perla Vazquez.

The Festival helps embrace hispanic culture and helps students and parents feel proud of their roots so they do not forget where they came from.

“I feel like it allows our community to experience other cultures and make us feel very proud.” Daisy said.