FHLA participates in Kidsgogh


FHLA members engage with the kids.

Yesenia Ramirez, Staff Writer

Kidsgogh is an annual kids’ art festival that is a part of the Kilgogh Art Festival, which takes place in the spring to honor the birthday of Vincent Van Gogh.

“It is a time to celebrate local art and for kids to make their own art,” FHLA sponsor Julie Haufler said.

Kidsgogh provides an opportunity for kids to explore different types of art, and they are able to participate hands-on in various art forms.

“The kids had lots of fun, and it was a fun experience for them.” Julie said.

FHLA club always runs the cascarone booths, but there are other booths including opportunities to paint, draw, make sand art, make and sculpture playdough, and others. This is FHLA fourth year to participate.

“I had a lot of fun participating with FHLA at Kidsgogh because I could see that the kids were really enjoying it,” senior FHLA president Angie Chirino said.