FHLA starts off the holidays by giving


FHLA members sophomore Brallan Bazurto and sophomore Luis Martinez help make Christmas Trees to raise funds.

The FHLA club is making and selling Tinsel Christmas trees to help raise money for the American Cancer Society.  

The members enjoyed making the trees to help the families that are fighting and dealing with cancer diagnosis.

“I like that we’re very united,” sophomore Luis Martinez said. “We help and take care of each other like a family while having fun.”

FHLA’s purpose is to foster leadership traits in students. FHLA members challenge themselves to step out of their comfort zones and actively seek out opportunities to grow their leadership traits.

“When I challenge them to participate in activities that will make a difference in their community, they are excited about helping,” sponsor Julie Haufler said. “They are willing to sacrifice their own time to help others. I love that our club is known for their big hearts and their service.”

Students gain confidence in their ability to help others and make a difference and continue to be involved in their community in big ways throughout their lives. They step out of their routine and link arms with the community in an endeavour to make a difference.

“I like FHLA club because its members make you feel like a family, and you get to meet new people with the same ideas as you,” sophomore Brallan Bazurto said. “You share different activities with them and other people in the community.”